A Theology of the Holidays (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, & Thanksgiving)

by Chris TerryNelson

A few weeks ago I was honored to give four keynote addresses to junior high and high school students at NaCoMe Camp and Conference Center.  I love NaCoMe – it’s a place that never fails to give me the rest that I need.  You can’t get cell phone reception there, so the dead-zone provides freedom from technological distraction.  Plus, the cinnamon buns are to-die-for.

The four keynotes were designed on the theological significance of the holidays of Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, as they each describe themes and movements that are necessary for living in this world.  I’m told that they were not only significant and meaningful for the kids, but for many of the adults as well.  Even my 5-year old daughter was able to repeat a few significant points (then again, she is a Pastor’s Kid).

So here they are:

A Theology of Christmas

A Theology of Halloween

A Theology of Easter

A Theology of Thanksgiving